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Coming to Creator Con is Easy!

Follow these simple steps:

Before the festival:

  1. Please take a moment to read our code of conduct.

  2. Swag Bags are provided to the first 500 attendees who enter the festival. Only one Swag Bag is provided per attendee.

  3. Review the start times for presentations, workshops, competitions. and all festival activities. Plan ahead to get yourself a seat in the amphitheater, a spot in the gaming competitions, a chance to participate in a workshop, so that you don't miss-out. Make sure to arrive a few minutes before the start of all guest presentations.

  4. Plan to bring cash! In some cases, merchants, food vendors, goods and magical potions can only be purchased with cash. 

At the festival:

  5. Events at Creator Con are going on every hour of every day, and your admission grants you access to all of them.

      Consult the map & schedule to get familiar with the festival layout. Ask for assistance from our festival staff at any time.

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